In Montgomery County, Maryland, new fences require a permit from the county.

We will help our customers to get the required permits for their fence work.

Here is some information regarding Fence Permits, obtained from the Montgomery County website. Please ensure to read the source directly to obtain the latest information.

Montgomery County Department of Permitting Service Website
Fence Permit Fees (as of October 2019 the fee is $77.87).

Replacement of an existing fence
Replacement of an existing fence INSTALLED WITH A BUILDING PERMIT with the same kind of fence in the same location at the same height does not require a building permit. If an existing fence was not installed with a building permit, the replacement fence must have a building permit.

Permit for installing a new Fence
A building permit is required to install any type of fence in Montgomery County. The application packet must include two (2) copies of a site plan showing where the fence will be located on the property. For information on fences, call zoning information at 240-777-6240.

There are no restrictions about the type of fence that can be installed or which side faces either property. There are restrictions, however, for swimming pool enclosures, with very specific requirements that can be found in Chapter 51 of the Montgomery County Code.

If the height of the fence is not over six and one-half feet (6 -6 ) high, measured from the lowest level of the ground immediately under the fence, it can be located anywhere on the property. However, on a corner lot, a linear distance of fifteen feet (15 ) from the intersection of the front and side street right-of-way lines, the fence height cannot exceed three feet (3 ) above curb level.

Permit for Pool Fences
In Montgomery County, Maryland, Swimming pools installed prior to January 1, 1990, must be protected by a fence at least 42” tall or have an automatic swimming pool cover.

Swimming pools installed after that date must be protected by an adequate barrier 60” tall or an automatic swimming pool cover.

If you have questions related to this, you can contact the County office or you can call us directly.