Hello, I am Jeff Rogers, the owner of Phoenix Fence and Deck LLC.

Jeff Rogers, Owner, Phoenix Fence and Deck

My Story:

I was born and raised in Montgomery County, Maryland. And Phoenix Fence and Deck serve mostly the Montgomery County area of Maryland.

I started Phoenix Fence and Deck in 2001. Before starting the company, I worked in all aspects of construction for two decades, beginning as a carpenter starting from the young age of 16. As you can see, I am a hands-on business owner and I am proud of the skills and craftsmanship I add to the work.

I believe in establishing a long-term relationship with my customers. Most of our customers are repeat customers whom our company has served for years.

We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured company. As you have noticed, this is an owner-operated company. We use only our company employees. Unlike larger managed companies, we do not subcontract our work.

Office Manager – Mrs. Karen Lyon

Mrs. Karen Lyon, Office Manager, Phoenix Fence and Deck
Mrs. Karen Lyon, Office Manager, Phoenix Fence and Deck

Hello, I am Karen. Please call me directly at 240-832-2641, if you have any questions about your fence project.

If needed I can ask Jeff to call you back in 24 hours, in case your project is unique and need Jeff’s input. Thank you.

Secretary- Mrs. Laura

Mrs. Laura, Secretary, Phoenix Fence and Deck
Mrs. Laura, Secretary, Phoenix Fence and Deck

As we are growing we are getting the help of Mrs. Laura to answer the phones so as to reduce the wait time when you call us.


OK, you may first ask, what does that mean to my fence work? Well, the differences my company will add to your decision making and project are the following:

    1. WHEN YOU CALL: Laura our secretary or my wife Karen Lyon, who is also the Office Manager of Phoenix Fence and Deck, will be answering your call. Karen is highly knowledgeable, professional, warm and welcoming to any question you may have. If your project is unique and need my input, I can call you within 24 hours. You can ask me any technical questions regarding fence work, but I will not be able to provide an estimate without visiting the project site. I firmly believe in seeing the site before estimating, so I can provide you the most satisfying and honest solution.
    2. WE WILL BE THE ONE COMING TO VIEW YOUR PROJECT: Not an estimator who has no background in building a fence. This way you can discuss with us the alternatives, the best options available to you and any special requests you have about your work.
    3. DURING THE WORK: You will see me or one of my trusted foremen supervising your project. If you have any comments or questions during that time please feel free to call me or Karen anytime to discuss your questions or concerns.
    4. AFTER THE WORK: Often times many of my customers call us with small additional requests related to their fence work. I will personally ensure that these requests are addressed in a timely manner.

Supervisor – Mr. Rosco Lockhart

Mr. Rosco Lockhart, Supervisor, Phoenix Fence and Deck
Mr. Rosco Lockhart, Supervisor, Phoenix Fence and Deck

To keep up with the increasing demand for our service, I got the help of a long-time friend of mine, Mr. Rosco Lockhart to be a supervisor for Phoenix Fence and Deck.

This way we will be able to respond quickly to our customer calls. Rosco will be doing some of the estimates as well as oversee some of the work in the field.

    1. ONE YEAR WARRANTY: We provide one year warranty for all our work, but often times you can count on us even after the one year is up. Since its’ our reputation which brought you to us and gave us the opportunity to serve you.
    2. WE BUY IN BULK, PASSING THE SAVINGS TO YOU: We have our own lumber yard which enables us to buy good quality lumber in bulk and we pass that quality & savings to you.When the other builders buy their lumber separately for each work, where the quality of the lumber is not guaranteed, we buy our lumber in bulk before the season. This enables us to use the very best quality lumber for your work.This is also another reason, why the fences built by us lasts longer on your property.