Commercial Snow Removal

Phoenix Fence and Deck - Snow Truck
Phoenix Fence and Deck - Snow Truck

During winter time, we provide commercial snow plowing services and commercial snow removal services to commercial property owners, condominium associations, apartment complexes and retail stores throughout the Gaithersburg area.  We take great pride in giving our customers a safe winter environment with outstanding reliability and customer service.

Point of dispatch is very important

We exclusively focus on the Gaithersburg area, so that our trucks will be concentrated in one area (as opposed to them getting scattered) to provide you the timely service.  Phoenix Fence and Deck will make sure that your parking lot is cleared first while other services will be scrambling to dispatch their trucks from a faraway location.

Here is some helpful information about our snow plowing and removal process:

Plan ahead, call us and sign up for our service before the winter starts:

If you are a property manager or you represent a Home Owners Association, we offer annual contracts so that you can sleep well when the snow hits the ground. If you did not plan ahead, at least as soon as the weather channel mentions snow, you should plan for the snow removal. If you own a business, you do not want to miss any morning customers because of your snow filled parking lot. If you are a manager of an apartment or a condo complex, you don’t want the bad reputation with your tenants who may get stuck in the snow when trying to get to work in the morning.

Set up a snow removal plan for the year

You should decide before the snow season starts how you are going to get rid of the snow in your parking lot. We are a reliable, well-trained and well-equipped professional snow plowing and removal company.